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My experience:

Designing circuits, programming microcontrollers
and peripherals with interfaces and protocols as below:

- I2C (eeproms, teletext, PIP, ...)
- SPI (eeproms, DataFlash, ADC, DAC, MMC card, ISD4002, ISD17xxx, ...)
- 1-Wire (eeproms, ADC, DAC, IO port, temperature sensors, counters, ...)
- SDI-12 (measuring instruments)
- AT commands (GSM phones and OEM modules) - SMS service, GPRS communication
- NMEA-183 (for GPS modules)
- Motorola binary (for GPS M12)
- RS-232, RS-485
- LCD HD44780, and other ...

I have a working knowledge of:

- C & assembly programming 8051 family- 6 years
- C & assembly programming AVR family- 3 years
- OpenAT (ADL & Basic) platform for Wavecom- 1 year
- Vending machine monitoring over the GSM/GPRS- 2 years
- GPS/GSM/GPRS/SMS vehicle tracking system- 2 years
- x86 assembly programming- 2 years
- basic knowledge of VHDL- 2 months
- basic knowledge of NutOS- 2 months

Here is a list of sample projects that I have developed:

- teletext module
- GPS vehicle tracking module
- data logger

and a little sample source code for x86:

- x86 assembly

If you have any question, write  me.

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